Saturday, June 21, 2008


It is Saturday. It is ONE day away from me toeing the start line and hearing the cannon fire signaling the beginning of a day full of the expected and the unexpected.

I have had so many well-wishes from so many people, it's been quite unbelievable. The experience has thus far exceeded any expectation I could have ever had. The support and kindness has been remarkable!

This morning we started off the day with another swim, although this time I didn't feel the need to swim a mile, a good 10 minutes was just fine. I think the water may actually have been a little warmer...a little.

Afterward, we went to get our bike to check in and as we got to the car I realized that when I had gone to exchange my visor, the volunteer never put the good one in...the FIRST MELTDOWN. I uttered a few curse words and sent myself away for a little private time. The volunteer was very polite and apologetic and I thanked her...she's putting in a lot of hours to help us all out, so I couldn't be angry with her. Anyway, I got over that and after we racked our bikes and dropped off our transition bags we headed to breakfast.

Until that moment I had not had a meltdown, and hopefully that was the last! Well, it got a few chuckles over breakfast and after food and coffee, I was well on my way back to being in a relaxing mood.

We then went out and drove the course, let me say - beautiful and oh-so-many-hills!! Good thing I've been climbing well...I'm going to need those climbing legs!

Now that that's done, I'm sitting in bed blogging, napping, and watching tv..ahhhhh!!

Well, the next time you hear from me I will have tales to tell and hopefully they will be of my finishing the race as I hope to, as I've trained to, as I expect to.

...until then I shall sleep well.


Anonymous said...

You are going to do great! At this point the race is between your ears! :)

Think positive, relax and most of all have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

and go to sleep!!!!!