Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm no Tiger Woods...

but as I watched him play for two days on a not-yet-recovered knee, in thick competition and from behind; I fed off his talent, his drive and his mental fortitude.

I am not a golfer. I respect the game and appreciate those who are able to play the game. And although I've watched Tiger play before, I've never really "watched" him play for any great length of time. I was in utter awe of the man. Here is some of what I took away from two days of golf:

1. He is a student and master of his craft.
2. He never gives in to the pressure.
3. Physical limitations do not stop him; he works through and around them
4. He loves his sport.
5. Not every magical shot is purely skill, he gets lucky too.
6. Every other magical shot is purely skill.
7. He stays within himself...always.

I know I'm not Tiger Woods, hell, I will probably never be a quarter as good at any one thing as he is at golf...I have still not found "my-thing-I'm-good-at", but I can learn from him. I know it may sound cheesy but I will take some of what I saw with me next weekend.

He is truly an incredible athlete to watch.

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Tri to Be Funny said...

Oh my God--I am so excited for you! (and even a bit jealous that you get to have that euphoric feeling of crossing the line)

You are going to be AMAZING!!