Sunday, April 11, 2010

Growing Pains and Growing Gains...

Gains often arise from the pains we experience through life. This is not something I have discovered all on my own - not like Albert Einstein proclaiming the Theory of Relativity. You've no doubt heard this many times, in many different renditions. But while so many times we tell ourselves "oh, I'm learning my lesson" - learning to adapt to injury, life-changes, work-changes, etc. - it's also important to ACCEPT these lessons.

Learning the lessons and accepting them, I have discovered, are not equal. Last year, as I "learned my lesson" while dealing with my hip and feet injuries, I had a difficult time accepting them. I learned that I needed to stop, to rest, to recover, but I did so with a combination of despair, resentment, bitterness and sorrow and an assortment of conflicting emotions. I knew and did what I needed to do and tried really hard to stay on course. I took a break, but in taking a break, I didn't do anything. I was so affected by not being able to run that I simply did nothing.

A few weeks ago, I began to experience a setback with my other hip. REALLY?!?! Come on! This time, I sought out the professional care necessary to begin dealing with this situation sooner than later. I also informed my coach and together have come up with ways for me to continue training without running until it resolves.

This time I will not "do nothing"...I will do what I can. I can swim, so I swim. I can spin, so I spin. I can't ride hills, so I don't. I can't run, so I don't. Bitter? Not this time. Frustrated? Sometimes, but less often than previously. I know if I listen to my body and give it time to heal itself, it will. And do you know what? Every day it seems to be improving - patience, positivity, PT and prayers - are my keys to recovery.

It's all going to be ok...for real this time!! :)