Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to it reality??

Back from a year of continuous training. Well almost a year. I began swimming with earnest in December of last year and then got back on my bike in January after a six month hiatus (with the exception of the Longhorn half '07 and two training rides preceding the race) followed by running from which I had suffered months of horrid shin splints.

During this intense year, I completed two half iron distance races and two full ironman races. I PR'd them all. I am happy with the results, save one. Oh, and don't tell me "you PR'd, you should be happy" or "you still did sub-13"...I've already heard that from everyone, including myself and you're not going to change my mind. Not yet, anyway.


Now I'm in my "off-season" and back in the "real world". But it seems to me the line between the real world and training world have been blurred. I've been in training mode so long that it has become my real world and the real world is so far removed that re-entering it feels unreal.
Sleeping in, going out, exercising without a purpose all feels so incredibly bizarre. I feel listless and a bit out of sync.

Yesterday I went for a run. I know I'm still recovering and shouldn't run at all, but it was a crisp, overcast morning just teasing and taunting me to come and play. I only ran for 25 minutes with no goal in mind - awkward. Then I went to breakfast. Then to yoga. Then for coffee. Then to watch friends run the Beer Mile. Then to dinner. Then to a friend's. Then downtown to meet Ed1 and Ed2. Home at midnight.

Seriously, is this what I used to do all the time? How?

I must confess, there is something kind of nice about not being on a schedule but I don't think I can do this for long. I need the structure. I need the discipline. I guess the only thing that eases my concern for having all this free time is that it won't last. I want to get back to training as soon as possible but I know that I need this break for my mental health more than anything. So in the meantime, I have a finite amount of free time which I am scheduling with various projects that I know won't get done one training returns to full stride.

So while I sit here pondering my existence I will enjoy my coffee and not a recovery drink, I will wear jeans (which I now fit into b/c of training) and not workout garb and I will fight every urge to put my hair into a least for now.

I realize that this post may seem like a rambling hodge-podge of words and thoughts...but it is off-season and I'm giving my brain a break too!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cheesy Recovery...

Recovery: consuming wine and cheese while sitting outdoors catching up on blogging (at least trying to).

It's been such a busy week with Ironman, post-Ironman, traveling, Thanksgiving and work all in a matter of days. I've wanted to post my race report and just throw out random thoughts but it seems like I just haven't been able to get around to it!

Much like Ironman, I am resorting to plan C - getting up reasonably early tomorrow for coffee and writing my race report!

'Til then...good night and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twas the night before...

Ironman and all through my brain, not an emotion unturned, not confidence nor doubt.

Well, I am confident of some things - I will swim 2.4 miles. I will bike 112 miles. I will run 26.2 miles. I will execute my plan to best of my abilities. I will remember to have fun. I will remember to eat on the bike. I will remember that I've had really hard training months and that this should go pretty well. I doubt that I will break any land-speed records. I doubt that unless something totally kooky happens, there is anything that will keep me from finishing! So, I guess there's no reason now to worry.

We'll find out tomorrow.


Today was a pretty good day, albeit busier than yesterday. Got up early to swim, which went waaaaay better than yesterday's swim. It's still around 63 degrees (brrrr) but still not as cold as CDA was, so it'll be ok. Had some coffee. Walked around a bit. Met Jess and Charles for some Starbuck's. Ran into the T3 crew on the way to Transition. Chatted. Turned in my bike and transition bags. Met Michelle and Michael. Went to lunch (waited 45 minutes - I started to sprout fangs and claws - got a free lunch). Took a nap. Double-checked my stuff for the morning. Picked Sandra and Brian up from the airport. Had a glass of wine. Ate some dinner. Watched football. Wearing my compression socks. Getting ready to climb into bed for 4:00 a.m. wake up call.

Deep breath...

Sunday, November 16, 2008


You know how sometimes you get caught up in the events in your life and then something happens that reminds you that most of us are super lucky.

Saturday afternoon, after my last bike ride, I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my girlfriends for lunch. Six women laughing, eating, drinking wine and enjoying the day. Seems normal. Normal except for the fact that the one with the brightest smile and the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen is fighting an uphill battle with breast cancer. Second time around. So far, the chemo is working. We had a three hour lunch then took her shopping - a little gift from us to her for her courage and selflessness through all of this. Like most moms, she has little time for shopping (for herself) between caring for her son, husband and trying to defeat cancer.

Spending time talking with her about life now really hit home. No matter what I might feel is tumultuous in my life, it in no way is comparable to what she has endured and continues to endure. She speaks of medicines and treatments like most of us talk about training schedules and nutritional supplements. Where we talk of losing toenails to running, she talks of losing toenails to chemo.

And we think Ironman is hard?

Yes, Ironman is difficult and challenging and so is cancer. Next week, as I enter the chilly waters of Tempe Town Lake, I will have a new perspective and remember her. I will remember what she and so many others are enduring and I will use their strength to help me through my day. I will remember how blessed I am to have my health, family and friends. And I will remember to have FUN!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Everyone has been saying tonight that it has been an historic election...aren't they all historic?

The 44th President of the United States of America...

Godspeed, President Obama

We have elected the next President of the United States of America.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Own Skirt Chaser...

Finally starting to feel like I'm back in the land of the living. Slept well. Eating well. Less snotty (only in the literal sense).

I was supposed to ride today but Coach told me I could substitute that for an easy run instead, in order to make sure that I recover from my cold.

My plan was to get in a run before joining some friends for the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure. For some reason I decided to run in my TYR running skirt, something I've never done know, running in a skirt just never appealed to me. I've always just worn them as after race gear or just running around.

So off I my skirt.

I felt strong from the start, I guess since I haven't really done anything all week. I wasn't running far so I just let my legs go, didn't have my Garmin on and didn't bother to start my watch timer. I could feel my skirt flip-flip-flip as I reminded me of my childhood (although I didn't wear many skirts then, either) running around free and without purpose. I kept running. Then I passed a guy...then another guy who then used me to pace him for about half a mile before he decided to take the lead. I let him go (I was having fun, remember?) and continued on my way. Then I passed another guy, a couple of girls, another guy...all the time trying to make sure no one tried to hook onto me...why? Just because. There was no timer, no finish line, no reason other than my own little mind games trying to get into the act. I've never participated in the Skirt Chaser 5k but in my own mind, that's what I was doing...running in my own little skirt chaser race. Who wants to get passed by a skirt? I don't like getting passed by skirts!! In the end, I had a great run and enjoyed every minute of it.

It's silly, I know. But I was having fun playing in my little mind games.

I did feel a little weird cutting loose some snot rockets while wearing a skirt though!!!