Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Epiphany...

Yes, it happened. The minor epiphany did occur during my run this morning...as was predicted!

I decided that while I am not currently experiencing any "drastic" life altering events, I am experiencing life altering changes:

I am eating better (most of the time)
Cooking more
Taking my lunch to work regularly
Enjoying my babies (my 4-legged babies)
Making my work life more satisfying, but never
closing my eyes to possibilities)
Practicing Yoga
Making girl-time
Making couple-time
Making me-time!
Finding ways to relax
Sparking my training

Sharing my knowledge by teaching
Conscientiously trying not to be so critical of my shortcomings (except for my weight - unavoidable!)
running. running. running!!

I am trying to adopt a more relaxed attitude and be open to more possibilities - be it sport, work or whatever!

So, doing the same things year after year doesn't mean you're in a rut - it's how you do them that's key. Life changes come in all shapes and sizes and right now...mine are m&m sized but quite plentiful!

Where am I?

As I sit here with my coffee, preparing for my run, I'm thinking...the kind of thinking usually done after consuming a bottle of wine at home after a long day. And I'm thinking "where am I?"

How can so many things be different, yet it all somehow feel the like nothing's really changed?

Perhaps I'll have an epiphany while out on my run...I'll keep you posted!