Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well, dammit...

I'm behind on my blogging - AGAIN! I had really hoped to be better about it this year.

This year has gotten off to a quick start. It reminds me of something my parents (and probably yours, too) used to say to me when I was young, "Just wait until you get older; time will start to fly by". Well, they weren't kidding and now I understand exactly what they mean.

I've had some significant life experiences so far, one being part of friends' 100 mile journey - something I've been wanting to write about and will, just not tonight. Way to go Vegas and Jerry.

Another being the loss of a friend - someone who, at 38, had so much to live for yet had it all taken from her by cancer. Her husband, young son and family have been left behind to learn to live without her physical presence. I remember a couple of things she said, 1. I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of leaving." and "don't waste my cancer". Michelle put up a good fight against cancer, but eventually was unable to continue and had the opportunity to be with family until the end of her time here. I still think of her often and vow to never let her leave my heart.

I've also started my fifth season with High Five Events as the Volunteer Coordinator. This year will prove to be even more challenging than past seasons as we've added three events - one being a triathlon festival in Kerrville. If I live through the three events in April, then I think I'll be ok the rest of the season.

Three in one month may be the end of me :)

You may be wondering why the summary of Q'1, it feels almost like I'm writing one of those "what did you do this summer" essays from way back in elementary school. Well, I do have a reason and that is because I really want to expand on a couple of the topics mentioned and if I at least start here, I will be more apt to come back and expand.

There are a lot of things going on this year and I want to make this last year as a 30-something count!

Speaking of 30-something - did any of you ever watch that show back in the day? I remember my mom watching it and I thought they were all so much older...guess the jokes on me!

Stand by...the best is yet to come.