Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, hello again!

Yes, yes, yes...I've been on hiatus. No, no particular reason either...just didn't feel like sitting down to write. And no, I'm not going to try and catch up on the last five months...I'd go crazy and you'd be bored!

Right now I'm obsessed with the winter Olympics. I've watched any number of events every day and have a whole new interest in them. I've always enjoyed the summer games, but am now becoming drawn into the winter sports.

Speed Skating
Super G
Ski Jumping
Ski Cross
Snowboard Cross
Cross Country Skiing
Figure Skating

I've watched and watched and watched in awe and amazement at what these athletes can do, what they've sacrificed to get there and how much of a lazy bum I am since I haven't been training much! At the very least, it is quite motivating...especially since I will not ever be an Olympic athlete, I don't have to train that hard!

Nevertheless...I'm back on a training of today. Day 1 has been a success! The one major difference this year is that I very well may not do one single, solitary triathlon. Not one. Zero. Zilch.

What am I training for, you might ask??? MCM. Marine. Corps. Marathon. And my ticket to Boston. I will be a running and yoga-ing fool who will still bike and swim.

So now that you've read this you're asking yourself, "that's it? 5 months and her return post is this? WTH???"...yawn!

Oh, I'm sure the next several months will be eventful and least through my eyes!