Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again...

Well, back in the blogging saddle!

Ever feel sometimes like there's so much going on it seems absolutely impossible (and exhausting) to write everything you want?

Let's see if I can even recall the highlights:

1. New bike!!! She's a beauty and FAST, FAST, FAST!!! Wish I had the stronger legs she deserves!
(for those who are curious (some of you have already asked), I did not get rid of the Guru...too much sentimental value to ever part with that bike. I still use it as a trainer bike weekly)

2. Set new bike PR at Lone Star Half - 21.1 mph (2008 bike split - 18.3 mph). Some people said it was windy; but I never noticed it...was having so much fun on my new Felt DA.

3. Set new Run Far TT PR - 23.6 mph (20:20 min).


4. Set new 20 mi (training) run PR - 8:25 min/mi


Name Team

Bib No



Chip Time

Gun Time




Michelle Lapuente








5. Realizing that I live in the Matrix because I only see numbers!!

6. Most pitifull overall PR at Lone Star - 5:38:15 (2008 - 5:56). Fair swim, solid bike and then fell APART on the really - I was laying on the sidewalk!

7. I know, I know...a PR is a PR...leave me alone :p

8. Oh, still trying to fend off some demons...refer back to posts from early '09, if you're really bored...yes, still working. It totally sucks though because it really makes my head hurt and I tend to then withdraw from people while

9. Celebrated having my puppies for 1 year!! Love those little monkeys!

10. Enjoying some solid training, even though at the moment, I am really tired and want to just stop...but at least I recognize that this is what happens while enduring this magnitude of training

11. Have a plan for my future...not ready to disclose the details yet, but I have taken the first step and foresee a couple of years before it comes to fruition...but it will come...I have to believe!

12. Enjoyed a visit from my sis, Jen. So good to see her relaxing and taking a step back. I really missed that part of her.

13. Getting ramped up for our first Texas Tri Series event of the season - The Rookie Triathlon. Still working the volunteers. Still stressing!! :) Love the stuff!!!

14. Enjoying a glass of wine in a tiny oasis (House Wine) while chaos surrounds me

Sometimes you've just got to take a step back, stop and smell the grapes!!