Friday, February 29, 2008


I was taking with 64 year old, Bob, on the phone today. The reason for calling Bob is not important, but something he said was. He was talking about people taking the little things in life too seriously and imparted on me, his use of the word, "next". His philosophy is that everything in life shall pass and so when things seem troubling or frustrating or (insert -ing here), just open your mouth and say, "next"...this will remind you that whatever it is you're experiencing will pass.

I know we've all heard various renditions of "...and this too shall pass" but for some reason on this day, at this particular moment, from this complete stranger, it just made a lot of sense.


Happy Leap Day!
(and no, I'm not proposing to anyone today)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

An Abundance of Snot...

There are two things that always cross my mind when I go out for a run.

1. How lucky I am to be able (physically and mentally) to be outside running...and not having to run to/from anything.

2. How amazing it is that my body is able to produce such an abundance of snot so quickly and consistently!!

Why is that? I mean, really! Just when I think I've lost some brain cells trying to blow it all out, there comes more. What kind of snot factory do we possess that enables us to produce this kind of volume? And is it everyone or just me? Certainly I can't be the only snot-filled runner...right?

Hi, Everybody!!

So, here you all are! I had a blog on another site but thought I'd go ahead and make the's nice over here.

Today is just a beautiful day...sunny and 70+degrees outside. It was a bit chilly when we started our bike ride this morning but that didn't last long, at all.

I finally made it to a T3 bike ride. I've been going to the indoor cycling classes and swim practices but had yet to make it to an outdoor ride. Until this week, I've been coaching for Austin Fit and all our long runs were on Saturdays...which is when T3 rides. Now that the Austin Marathon is over and my coaching duties are done until September, I'm free to go back to riding on Saturdays and running on Sundays. I have to say, it did feel a bit strange to not show up at TXDOT this morning...I hope my runners enjoyed sleeping in today!

The ride was short, I only had to do 30 miles today. It actually felt really easy and I wasn't the least bit tired afterwards. Even going back up that hill on Southwest Parkway didn't hurt at all. I probably could have (and should have) pushed it harder, but I wasn't familiar with the route and decided I should stay with a couple of the girls who knew the way home. Besides, they're nice people to ride with.

So tomorrow's Oscar night and I haven't studied my movies at all...I'm so going to lose :( See, every year Esther has an Oscar party complete with wine and ballots. Every year she wins but last year I got at least 10 right!! That would be about 9 more than I got right the previous year. We always have fun and every year our party gets a little bigger. The first year it was just Esther and me, then last year it was Esther, me and Eryn...who knows about this year!!