Sunday, March 23, 2008

Well, I never thought I'd say it - I'm a mom!

Welcome Home, Sophie & Bella!! (thanks Stacy & Jack)

Well, here they two girls. This is as maternal as I get and yup, I'm nervous. I know what you're thinking - puppies during Ironman training???? But if I wait until after CDA in June then there's AZ in November and then something else after that and something else after that...I guess there's never a perfect time to become a parent. Fortunately for me I have my sister, Katy, to help with the training.

This is a huge deal for me and since I don't plan on children in my future, this is it. I am now responsible for living, breathing creatures aside from myself. No longer can I be completely selfish with my least I can stick 'em in a crate! JUST KIDDING!!! Actually, they really like their crate. I left the door open for them and after a while, Sophie just went back in and curled up on her blanket.

I hope I can do this...I hope I don't let them down...I really want them to be happy with me.


Aside from the excitement of my girls coming home, I'm glad to say that I really am starting to feel much better. I have done nothing physically active this weekend. I have completely rested my body. I was miserable yesterday with the weather being so beautiful but all I could do after breakfast was go back to sleep. I only got up to get the girls then headed to Mom's for an early Easter dinner. Afterwards, I went back home, put the girls and myself to bed and only heard Sophie wimper once during the night. I woke up without an alarm clock for the second day since who-knows-when. I still have a bit of a cough and congestion, but my body is feeling much better...I hope it's a sign of improvement since I have a half-ironman race next weekend!


Tri to Be Funny said...

Yay!! Another blog to read--I'll add your link to my site :-) Hope you are feeling better. Like you, I've been illin' big time too...Your babies are adorable!!! Congrats Mom! Your kids are much cuter than most REAL babies :)

Colleen Renee' said...

I am excited you are blogging!! Luv the stinking cute. After CdA, must get together for a dog park day!!