Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Vending Machine Quandary

It's not often I visit the vending machines, but today was an exception. As I put my coins in and selected A0, the Lay's Potato Chips, I began to wonder:

Why is it that the potato chips and other light-weight items were placed at the top of the machine while the heavier weighing items like candy bars and soups are placed at the bottom. Wouldn't you think that the lighter items should be placed lower so that they don't break as easily? Why do the heavy items get to just plop down while my chips have to sky dive from above?


I was starting to feel really blah from not working out due to being sick and injured; and my coaches were conferring on whether or not I should participate in the LoneStar Triathlon this weekend. With all that I was not happy, BUT I after deliberating my coaches came back with good news - they decided that participating might be a good re-jump-start to my training!! The only promise I have to keep is that I keep it to a "training day" not a "race day"...WILL DO!!

I need this as a confidence booster. I have to "know" that I can do this. Even though I've done it before, I need to know I can do it THIS TIME.

I also hit spin class pretty hard today, too...not all out, but it was a solid effort.

I'll be back on track in no time...just gotta get my head back on straight!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I am so glad you joined T3! And congrats on the new pups! Have a great training day this weekend.

Take care,


Tri to Be Funny said...

I think the reason why the candy bars are at the bottom is so that you can spare yourself the humiliation of having to hear a big "THUD" as your Snickers plummets from the top row down to the bottom! The light free-fall of the baked lays is much less harrowing :-)

michelle said...
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