Sunday, March 2, 2008

Up and Running...

I did it!! I ran 10 miles today without pain!!

I had such a great time riding yesterday that I felt my confidence level soar and I thought to myself, "if I can run 10 miles tomorrow pain-free, then maybe, just maybe I'll have a good race in Galveston at the LoneStar Triathlon (a half-iron distance event). Having a good showing (by my own standards) will mean that I'm on track for IM CDA in June.

So this morning I laced up my shoes, grabbed my iPod and headed out to a gray and very windy day. I didn't pay attention to the wind or to anything, for that matter. All I cared about was running. After the first couple of miles I got into my groove and everything fell into place - my breathing, my arms in rhythm with my legs - it was all working. The more I ran, the stronger my legs felt. I stopped at one point to get rid of a rock that jumped into my shoe and as I was bent over I saw Terra Castro run past. After we waved as she flew past me I had a thought...what if I can just keep her in sight? So off I went...the chase had begun! Now granted, she was running many more miles than I and wasn't running race-pace, but I was determined to not let her out of my sight. So for maybe 3 miles I did all in my power to keep her in view...and it worked! She was the only person I saw; I was blind to everything else (ok, I did look both ways before crossing the street) around me and it wasn't until I neared the MoPac bridge that I lost her. I was dying for water and had to stop - she was long gone by that point. Terra's such a great person and inspiration that just running (way) behind her gives me such motivation to stay focused and positive.

After the 10 miles, I felt in my mind and in my legs that I could've run 3 more miles...I'm now looking forward to Galveston!!


On a separate note, I went to San Antonio today with a friend of mine to the Majestic Theatre and saw The Phantom of the Opera...awesome!! Thanks, Rafael!


And on yet another separate note, thanks to Esther, Eryn and Jessica for letting me vent my frustrations and being so supportive!! You girls rock!

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