Saturday, March 15, 2008

On the road again...literally

Today I crashed. Not only did I hit an uneven patch of asphalt but I took someone, Stephanie, down with me and now she will be having surgery on her freshly broken elbow. I feel terrible. As if that wasn't bad enough, she was training for Ironman Arizona - one month away.

Knowing how much time and dedication it takes to train for an event like Ironman, I feel terrible that I am why she will not be in attendance. She was very gracious in her reply email to me, chalking it up to what it was - an accident. I hope the best for her in her surgery and recovery.

I fared better - a peeled and swollen elbow, bruised shins minus some skin and a seriously bruised hip. The hip hurts more than anything. I'm afraid what tomorrow will feel like :(

I'm sure I'll recount what I remember of the accident here soon, but for now the Ultram and Valium are starting to kick in...

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Mel said...

oy vey, yikes... sliding across the pavement sucks but it happens to everyone at some point. it happened to me a few weeks ago...want proof? you can see my blood here>

heal quick!