Friday, March 28, 2008

All Packed and Ready to GO...

Tomorrow I leave for Galveston, TX for the Lonestar Half Iron Triathlon...along with a good portion of the Austin Tri Community!

I'm a bit nervous because I feel like I've been sidelined for the past couple of weeks in my training and still have a bit of congestion and a cough. My coaches have told me to use it as a "training" event...has anyone ever been able to get out on a course and NOT give it 100%??? Chrissie, Mo - I promise I'll try really, really hard to not "race" the race.

My main goals are:
1. Finish
2. Nutrition
4. NOT bargain my way out of what I'm capable of doing (I do this to myself all the time, then I'm pissed off).
5. Finish Strong

It's funny how training with a group really makes you want to perform better, I feel like I'm being held accountable to others when really, all they want is for me to have fun and do my best...still, I don't want to let the group least that's how I feel.

I need to go to sleep, it's waaaayyyyyyyy past my bedtime!


Go Longhorns!!! All the way to the Elite 8!!! Way to kick some cardinal butt!!!

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Tri to Be Funny said...

Congrats on a solid race! Can't wait to hear about it--way to not push it to hard. Remember, CdA is your "A"