Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Day After...

This is my hip after yesterday's tumble...ouch! Remarkably, I was able to make myself go to swim practice this morning. Everything hurt. Not in a oh-my-something-might-be-broken kind of a way, but in a sore and battered way. My right shoulder is very stiff and sore. My right elbow stings but I now have full extension. My hip, as you can see, is nicely bruised and hurts every time I do anything - kick off the wall, climb into my car or bed, get the idea. Surprisingly, my left leg also hurts. I guess the pedal smacked it or something because I have bruises along the anterior and medial aspects of my lower leg.

Something else I didn't expect were the feelings of lethargy and exhaustion. I didn't anticipate sleeping well (which I didn't) but I couldn't believe how tired I felt all day. After swim and coffee with Eryn and Booher, I went to Target and started to not feel well. A couple of waves of near-nausea and I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out. I made my way to the register and headed home. After a quick bite to eat, I climbed into bed (slowly) and tried to nap. I would doze then wake then doze then wake...

At swim I had a chance to talk with Chrissie. She's so sweet - she came and gave me a hug. She doesn't strike me as a "hugger", so that was nice. We talked about making adjustments this week while I mend - it's going to be ok. These things just happen...that's why they're called accidents.

I just hope Stephanie's surgery goes well tomorrow.

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