Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again...

I'm trying to write but I'm watching Law & Order, SVU...I think she's going to deliver the baby in the car!

It was back to training today!

I made it to swim practice today. My shoulder felt better but I still can't kick. I watched everyone else swimming their sets and am happy that I know I"ll be back at it 100% soon!

Oooh...she's in the ambulance now...she's about to deliver!

I managed to make it through another work day...it's tough because all I can think about is everything else...

Something else I thought about while I was at work - being sick. I'm sure it's just the allergies but I can't help think that maybe it might be a cold. Aside from the debate over cold v allergies, I realized that I have been sick with either several times over the past ten months. I feel like I've been sick more since I've been at this job than I have at any other job. hmmm...

It's a boy!! Uh-oh, she's coding...will they make it to the hospital in time?

After work I headed over to the PTC for spin class. Chrissie had told me to take it easy today, but I couldn't help myself. I had a hard time getting into my aerobars because of my elbow but I managed. I kept up with the class and didn't have any pain until we started to push some bigger gears, but it wasn't bad.

Ahhh...Elliot made it to the hospital and the baby and mommy are ok...yeah! Gotta love SVU!

I have to mention that my T3 peeps are the best...everyone was very thoughtful and happy I was ok. And of course, I got to show my war wounds...the sexy thigh bruise was the big hit ;)

Tomorrow's a big day...will I be able to run?

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