Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A friend sent this to me a few weeks ago and I giggle every time I read it. Tonight it seems especially appropriate since I was sitting at Little Woodrow's in my running shorts and a t-shirt with some of my triathlon friends. All the other girls in the place were dressed and looking smokin' hot...compared to them I was lukewarm at best.

Now, there was a time when that would have really bothered me but tonight it was merely an observation. Ok, maybe I felt a little out of place but since I was with people who don't care what I'm wearing...who think that fleece is cool...who also live similar lifestyles...I didn't feel so bad. I guess the point is that my life and my lifestyle have changed to a degree that where I once felt comfortable and at home, I now walk in and feel a little bit of an outsider. C'est la vie!

As I was telling Esther, it's fun to go out and have drinks and hang out with "the crowd", but to do it like I used to...I just can't and don't want to anymore. Hanging out at the clubs, tearing it up is just not something I really want to do. It's not worth the hangover. Can't make 5:45 a.m. swim after drinking all night!!

So for now, I will continue hanging out with my (not-so) imaginary triathlon friends...


I managed to run 3 miles today.

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The Lindsor said...

Ohhh man, so true. Our only friends are part of T3... oh well. :)