Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Tech-Challenged Gadget Girl...

Ok, so I love gadgets. Anything that tells me how fast/slow, far/short, etc. I am going at any given training moment. I have a Garmin 305, a Polar 625 and am contemplating upgrading! I download this information to my computer and have nice, pretty charts and graphs to show for it. I can compute just about anything. I operate my Blackberry like Norman Stadler on a bike - just damn fast. I consider myself to be fairly most of us.

But I have a confession to make. Until today, I could not recall the lap splits on my very basic Ironman Timex watch. I have been operating by memorizing (kind of) all my swim splits and writing them down before I could forget (most of) them.

I finally made myself sit down and figure it I feel like an UBER-DORK for not figuring this out MONTHS ago!!!


Shorey said...

Hi Michelle!!

Don't fret - it took me over a month to figure out my Garmin 405, partly due to a factory issue, but partly due to my being intimidated by it!

erichollins said...

You know, if you had a guy in your life, he would figure it out in 2 minutes flat. ;-)