Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Names v. Dancer Names...

I am now meeting triathlete people by their blog name. Yep. What's her real name? Who knows, but I can tell you her blog name and the blog name of the friend who introduced us. To her I am not simply "Michelle"...I am "T3 Michelle" because that's how "Tri To Be Funny" has me listed on her blog.

It's kind of like going to a strip club and meeting "Crystal" and "Rose" and "Jasmine" (no offense to anyone whose real name is listed above)...you know those aren't their real names, yet that's how you know them...

One real difference is that maybe you don't really care to know the dancer's real names...I hope to someday learn the real names of my triathlete blogging mates.

Let's see some similarities between dancers (of the "pole" variety) and triathlete bloggers (female):

dancers: (when wearing clothes) wear spandex, lycra and are scantily clad
tri bloggers: (usually wearing some clothes) wear spandex, lycra and are scantily clad

dancers: dance to music
tri bloggers: spin to music

dancers: are socially engaging
tri bloggers: are socially engaging

Any other similarities??? Feel free to contribute any thoughts, ideas, whatnots...

Ok, not my best post...but it's late, I'm tired, give me a break!!


a.maria said...


ummm.. that class kicked my ass tonight. hard. you T3 peeps are fooking killing me! and i LOVE IT!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Triathletes run laps and Strippers do lap dances! (This triathlete would be more than happy to do a lap dance if the price is right!)

Dionn said...

and there are strippers who strip triathletes...how does that figure in?

Flatman said...

Pretty funny!