Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So keeping with the theme of "public display of a personal faux pas", let me add my own moment of brilliance...

I forgot my bra.

Yep, thought I packed it with all my other crap and when I went to shower it was no where to be found. I might have had time to go back by the house and solve my little dilemma, but nooooo...I had to sit and chat with the girls for half an hour. Of course, had I known I was bra-less I would not have dilly dallied...but that's neither here nor there at this point. And quite frankly, I was really enjoying my early morning girl talk with Amy and Val.

Now you could say that this is the one time where it's a blessing to be "small chested" because you don't have to worry about bouncing around. On the flip side though, if you are small, you usually rely on the ol' padding to give you a little more umph...

And to top if off, today it's FREEZING in my office!!! So you know what that means...yep, headlights are on.

1 comment:

Dionn said...

I have SO been there.

Your sister is small-chestedness.