Saturday, May 17, 2008

Super Saturday

Part I

I can't believe it. I came out of the water just three seconds behind Allison...official time 1:18:01!!! That's 20 minutes better than my swim at Ironman AZ last year! I never, ever thought I'd turn into a decent IM swimmer. How did this happen?

Well for starters, I have been religious about swim practice. The only practices I've missed have been rain outs. Secondly, I have great coaches! They have been on me for months with stroke technique and a lot of patience. And finally, motivation. I was so motivated on Saturday because I had to stop for a minute and I thought that my friends took off. I was so afraid of getting too far behind that I swam with everything I had. I was focused and determined and it paid off! When I got out of the water I was looking around for them and then realized that I got out of the water BEFORE them!!! Holy crap!!

I don't think anyone believed it possible...especially me!

When I got going I tried to concentrate on my technique and especially my balance. I tried to really get my rotation and press my chest into the water. Tried to get a good catch. Tried to draft and actually was able to pass a few folks along the way.

I think I can get it down to 1:15...
Part II

The bike ride! After surviving the swim, we headed out on our bike ride. We did a double Dam loop ride and I am soooo tired of 620!! I soooo did not feel like riding after we started, and for no particular reason other than I just didn't feel like I wanted to do it. But after 82 miles and an ungodly number of hills, we finished did a short run. I have to say, I was sure glad to have finished with a solid 17.4 mph average.

Thanks, friends...I couldn't make it without you!

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