Saturday, April 5, 2008

Better today.

Last night was a little tough and that feeling actually carried over to this morning. Reluctantly, I gathered my things and headed out to meet the group for my 100 mile ride. I was a little grumpy about it and when I got there I did mention to a couple of people that I wasn't in a good place. Usually when I'm not in a good place it's because I don't feel good about how I may perform or something else having to do with my actual riding...this time it was just about why I was out there. I decided, though, that I was going to ride my best...stay within myself and try not to think too hard about all the miles still to come.

We decided to ride out to Johnson City and then Eryn and I would add a loop on South MoPac to get us closer to that 100 mile mark. The weather turned out to be gorgeous...not a cloud in the sky and NO WIND!!!! The temperature was a little chilly at the start, enough for arm warmers and gloves. It was really about the most perfect day to ride that anyone could have asked for - this helped my attitude tremendously :) The course was tough! I've never ridden out there before and OMG is it hilly! Holy Crap!! The hills were endless. Some of them looked more daunting than they really were and for some reason, I was riding them pretty well. I'd get passed on the flats, but then pass others on the hills...hmmmm. Once we were on the way back, I kept telling myself, "just keep riding...make it to 290 and we'll stop and get a COKE!" Boy, was it good!! In the end we ended up doing about 95 miles (my quads were cramping - didn't take enough electrolyte pills, I guess).

We started out as a group of around 10 or so, but ended up being me, Amanda and Eryn. They're both stronger cyclists than I am, so it was nice that I could hang with them...I was just feeling pretty good on the bike today...I hope that lasts!!

I can honestly say that I am very happy to be doing what I'm doing...and doing it with some really great people! Sure, sometimes I miss the happy hours and nights out but what I'm doing is really worth everything I'm putting into it. I love how I feel after a hard effort, like today. I love spending time with people who feel the same way. I love that it's healthy for my body and keeps me looking younger than my 36 years (or at least that's what I'm told). Whatever, I feel good and am happy when I look in the mirror - with what's inside and out!

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