Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Short Shorts Fiasco...

We all know there was a time when running fashion was...well, less than fashionable. I was rudely reminded of that on the trail the other day. C and I had gone out for a run and shortly into our warm up, he nudges and whispers loudly to me, "don't look!"

Too late!!

There it was, the man in the ultra-short, white, running shorts. Where do you even begin to find those? Were they tucked in the back of a closet, waiting for release into the new era of running? Were they his high school cross country shorts? Were they even his? What prompted him to put them on on this particular day? Did they shrink in the wash?

I performed my own bit of research on mens' running shorts and couldn't even find "white" as an option for men's running shorts!!

So many questions in such a short time that I hardly noticed that my eyeballs were now scarred for life. This image of the man in the ultra-short, white, running shorts has seared it's impression and shall never be forgotten.

If you, ultra-short, white, running shorts man, happens to come upon this post...please do not take offense...just take note that the current year is 2009 and pick up a new pair of running shorts.


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