Monday, June 1, 2009

Michelle: 2, Demons: 0

Sometimes you're so entrenched in the battle you fail to see the progresses you make along the way. Certainly, the clouds of dust may be unsettled and clouding your vision; but every once in a while you're able to see just a little bit more clearly.

This war against the demons of past and present is ongoing and clearly not nearing an end, but it has changed. They no longer have the upper hand, no longer are calling the shots or keeping me from believing in myself. They are no longer suppressing my desires to seek out what I want and what I feel I deserve.

I realize that the belief in "fate" is debatable...sometimes even within my own head. But if there ever existed such a thing as "fate" existed on two separate occasions last week. Fate brought two people back from my past, only for a moment, but a moment long enough for me to realize that I was no longer that person from my past. That I no longer had to follow those same paths...I am charting new paths...with new adventures and new rules.

Becoming comfortable with letting go of the past is part of this battle...I will always have the scars, but their existence merely serves the purpose of reminding me how far I've come.

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etg said...

Show 'em who's boss, Michelle! Proud of you!