Saturday, August 23, 2008

An attempt at girliness...

This week I got tired of being stinky, sweat-crusted and just down right gross. When I looked down at realized that my two dogs were more "girl-y" than I, I decided to take matters into my own hands...literally.

Thursday I decided to go and have a manicure.

Once upon a time, in a life long, long ago, I used to be quite a "girl"...weekly manicures, haircuts every 6-8 weeks and monthly pedicures. Now I find myself struggling to get my monthly color treatments and my haircuts are more like 6-8 months!! Manicures and pedicures are a seldom seen treat. But this week would be different. I wanted to feel like a girl again. So not only did I get a manicure, I had my nails painted "Too Hot to Handle" red. Then I went and had my eyebrows waxed.

Now I'm considering laser hair out, my girl-y side is making a comeback!!!


erichollins said...

"Being girly" is for the off season. Suck it up and get back out there and train!

Dionn said...

No one says you can't look hot AND be fast! :)

And all hail the laser! This handles that little problem discussed in an easlier post. And this time, the non-blondes win! It works much better on darker hair!