Tuesday, July 4, 2017

So yeah...it's now 2017...hi again.

Well, I guess in life things do sometimes come full circle - here I am, on my blog again.  I'm trying something new this go 'round and will be adding video from time-to-time.  Why? Partly because I thought it would be fun to do and part to help improve my public speaking.  I generally don't like hearing the sound of my voice but as with all things - it takes practice and the only way I'll improve is to listen first. 

It's been ages since I last blogged (consistently) and I realize I've misssed documenting a lot of really important experiences.  While I do keep a handwritten journal, I enjoy sharing my stories with an audience...even if it's an audience of one.  

I'm looking forward to tapping back into my creative recesses.  I've also been in a bit of a funk and I know that writing and getting more involved with activities will help alleviate that feeling.

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